Ames, Iowa vs Dubuque, Iowa Population and Size Compared

Dubuque, Iowa vs Ames, Iowa Size in Square Miles

Ames, Iowa’s size is 27.9 square miles, and Dubuque, Iowa’s size is 32 square miles. This means that Dubuque’s size is about 1.1 times as large as Ames’s. Put another way, Ames’s size is about 87% of Dubuque’s.*

Ames, Iowa vs Dubuque, Iowa Population Graphed

Ames, Iowa’s population is 58,965, and Dubuque, Iowa’s population is 57,637. This means that Ames’s population is about 1 times as large as Dubuque’s. Put another way, Dubuque’s population is about 98% of Ames’s.*

Dubuque, Iowa vs Ames, Iowa Population Density Compared

Given these cities’ populations and sizes, we can easily calculate the population density for each and compare them. Ames, Iowa’s population density is about 2,112 people per square mile. And Dubuque, Iowa’s population density is around 1,801 people per square mile. Thus, Ames, Iowa’s population is approximately 17% more dense than Dubuque, Iowa’s.

Ames, Iowa vs Dubuque, Iowa Map

Check out the map below to see where these cities are located, and click on the pins to see their populations.

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